The Ghost Deer

The Ghost Deer

If you are looking for an inspirational mountain adventure story filled with mystery, suspense, action, and fun—you have come to the right place.

Raised on a cattle ranch near the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho, thirteen-year-old Tater Thompson, forsakes his family’s rough stock heritage of unwavering integrity, giving way to fear, making a bet with two ruthless brothers now threatening to take his best friend—an old Blue Heeler dog named Bandit.

Facing unbeatable odds and battling against nature’s elements and the creatures calling the rugged mountain range home, Tater faces off against the Legendary Ghost Deer, a mysterious white buck with a massive rack of antlers—in a bow hunt adventure like no other.

Tater learns to overcome self-doubt and fear as he clashes with bullies and faces life and death struggles against storms, wolves, and a forest of wild animals. He learns fortitude, sacrifice, forgiveness, and reliance on God, testing him to his core—as he discovers true freedom from the prisons within himself.

The Ghost Deer is a good old-fashioned, multi-generational, family story of courage, persistence, and growth. Welcome on the journey…

Ryan and Heather

A Word From The Author

Thank you for coming!  It is my mission to write action packed, inspirational stories that lift and inspire, in defense of God, Family and Freedom. As a father, with three wonderful kids of my own, I am taking a stand in support of families and our youth, seeking to promote Christian values of strong character and integrity. You will find that the stories I write are woven together with threads of forgiveness, sacrifice, family unity, reliance on God and personal fortitude. I am excited to share this journey with you!

R. B. Moller

New Release

The Last Roundup

The Last Roundup

The action-packed adventure continues as Tater & Molly Thompson face their greatest challenges yet, finding renewed friendship and healing with a once bitter enemy in this heroic tale of sacrifice and loyalty.

Set on a cattle ranch near the Sawtooth Mountains in central Idaho, lurks a  mysterious danger the Thompsons have never encountered, Once only old timer’s tales and shadows in the forest. Clues of an ancient people inhabiting the mountain emerge as secrets are uncovered.

Joining with their neighbors the Bogsleys, the Thompsons saddle up their horses to face new and old rivals, testing them to their core and threatening their very lives, on a mountain cattle roundup unlike any other.


The Sawtooth Legacy Series

Set in the rugged heart of the Sawtooth Mountains. A ranching family struggles against a harsh environment and formidable adversaries, uniting them,  and bringing healing and redemption to their neighbors, the Bogsley’s. Facing off against wild creatures and the elements of nature, they discover a mystical white buck and an ancient people, once only old timers tales and shadows in the forest.

Tested to their limits, with their lives on the line, they discover the true value of freedom and a depth of character, wrought from determined persistence, deepened faith in God and intense desire to overcome. 

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