My Story

R.B. Moller, Author

Welcome! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I am Ryan Bruce Moller. I grew up romping around the fields of my country home in a small town in northern Utah. At an early age, I started working on egg and dairy farms, moved pipe, hauled hay, and fed cows. My growing-up years were filled with mountains, adventure, and priceless life lessons, which I am forever grateful. Kind and wonderful parents taught me the worth of a solid handshake, the true meaning of freedom and that God is a loving Father.

I was taught by example the value of hard work, that you can’t quit when you’re tired, and to pull through when it feels like you have nothing left to give. I share this, not because I have lived a perfect life, for I haven’t. Yes, I’ve tried hard and worked hard… and at times succeeded and at times failed. Despite this, life has been what it has needed to be. God has been patient and forgiving, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Now days, I am a husband and father, an engineer and an author. I still enjoy having adventures in the mountains, lakes, and rivers with my family, and find joy and peace in the outdoors.

As my children were growing, often around the dinner table, I would hear, “Dad… can you tell us a story?” So, I started telling stories… Some from my childhood, some tall tales, and others just purely made up. It was a ton of fun. We laughed and treasured those moments. It was then that I realized the value of a story well told.

I started The Ghost Deer many years ago. After a handful of chapters, I gave it to my then eight-year-old son and dad for Christmas. I thought little of it at the time; it was just fun to do, and I love to create. As the years passed, I completed a Christ centered book for my family and revisited The Ghost Deer. Since then, the story has just kept growing. Becoming something much bigger and meaningful than I ever imagined. I am now expecting 4-5 books to comprise The Sawtooth Legacy Series and I am thrilled to share them with you!

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